Plastic Card Systems

We also supply and maintain many different plastic card production systems through our sister company Identisys.

We joined with Identisys in 2015, and the partnership has allowed both companies to grow in experience and capacity. We now have access to the best technology and support on the market and an extremely responsive production capacity, meaning we can serve our clients’ needs even more closely.

Please see the plastic card systems and solutions we supply below. You can also find full details on the Identisys website.

Matica S3100; intercard;

Matica S3100

Matica S3100 is a desktop direct-to-card printer for in branch financial card issuance. Capable in printing up to 260 cards per hour, this easy to use printer meets the growing

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Matica Espresso; intercard;

Matica Espresso

The Espresso is a compact and powerful desktop ID card printer that is a brainchild of Italian design & engineering and reflects German reliability in consistent performance. It offers its

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Matica S3200; intercard;

Matica S3200

Matica S3200 is a desktop retransfer printer forfinancial card issuance. Capable of personalizing up to 80 cards an hour, this easy-to-use printer was specially developed for instant financial card issuance.

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Matica S3300e; intercard;

Matica S3300E

The S3300e is a desktop embosser designed for securely producing financial cards, and is based upon Matica’s heavy-duty and reliable embossing technology used in their central issuance systems. The newly

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Matica S700; intercard;

Matica S7000

A flexible personalisation platform for mid to high volume card production, modular in design to provide the card technology that you currently require with speed, accuracy and reliability.

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Matica S6200GG; intercard;

Matica S6200GG

Dedicated for dual side high speed monochrome or colour printing, the S6000GG system makes it easy and affordable to print near edge-to-edge card designs, photos, logos, alphanumeric text or barcodes.

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Matica S5200G; intercard;

Matica S5200G

S5200G is a professional card printer specifically designed for high speed monochrome printing, with optional full color printing capabilities, making it easy and affordable to print photos, logos, barcodes or

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IDP Ribbon Shredder; intercard;

IDP Secure Ribbon Shredder

Making every day life easier and more secure, the NEW IDP secure ribbon shredder brings ultimate destruction to unwanted consumable data residue. The secure shredder has a small footprint but

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