Loyalty Cards

Loyalty card schemes are among the most popular ways to build long-term commitment and increase transaction frequency and value.

Most company loyalty cards feature data capture, which allows you to track trends and preferences, the success of marketing campaigns and to further personalise your customer communications and promotional activity. All of which boosts profitability.

So, choosing your loyalty card provider is a decision of critical importance. Intercard does more than design and supply high-quality plastic cards and key fob cards which stand the battering of regular use. We help retailers to exploit the full power of personalisation.

Not just personalised loyalty cards, but fully personalised print marketing and matched mailing, including leaflets, newsletters, mailshots and brochures. That’s where good customer communication becomes truly engaging.

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Looking for a key fob card too? Our durable key fob cards can be personalised with names, numbers, barcodes and QR codes and complement your existing card or offer a smaller, convenient alternative.

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