Mailing & Fulfilment

Our larger customers rely on our various plastic card and eco-friendly card mailing and fulfilment services to lighten their workload dramatically.

It just takes the stress and headache out of managing your card printing and distribution, and guarantees that your customers get the best possible experience.

We can easily handle more than just your cards though; you can choose to have everything managed, from financial statements and renewal documents to catalogues, or print-on-demand and match-and-attach cards and accompanying materials.

Whatever makes most sense for you and your customers.

Transactional mailing

High-volume printing of invoices, statements, order forms, credit control letters and confidential documents, including card-based transactional mail. Add any documents you need, such as personalised letters, magazines, leaflets and business reply envelopes.

Machine envelope insertion

Up to 6 sheets of A4 automatically C5, DL or Z-folded at high-speed and inserted into an envelope – these inserts can also be included selectively depending on what’s relevant for each customer – with each pack verified by scanner. A single mail-out containing everything you need your customer to receive.

Royal Mail & courier services

Our relationships with Royal Mail and all the most respected courier companies help us get you the best discounts on delivery. It’s not just a flat fee – we’ll find you the most cost-effective distribution price on every project individually.

Match and attach

The match and attach service automatically marries up your personalised cards and their accompanying letters, for a perfectly presented package your customers know you created just for them. Match and attach is suitable for any plastic card distribution, from application forms to personal statements, as well as accurately attaching cards to point-of-sale devices like card hangers.

Stock control & management

Regular mailouts require careful storage and stock management. Our on-site warehouse is highly secure, and your stock is stored separately and monitored continuously. You’ll see digital reports of despatched goods and notified when stock falls below an agreed threshold.

Print on demand

We keep a bank of advanced laser printers ready rapid print-on-demand requirements. You can come to us for one-off print runs of any high-quality marketing material and envelopes you need. You can even choose print on demand for personalised communications.

Hand fulfilment

We use the best folding and fulfilment machines around, but some packages need the human touch. You can rely on our highly trained team of in-house hand finishers to ensure your more complex mail-outs wow your customers the way we aim to wow you.

Just a few of our satisfied clients

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