RFID Cards

These contactless cards have an embedded aerial and microchip or microprocessor. They use RFID (radio frequency identification) to communicate with compatible readers.

The RFID cards we supply, sometimes called smart cards, are typically used in one of two ways. Firstly, for secure access control: at businesses, or for out-of-hours premises like 24-hour gyms. Secondly, they can act as cashless payment systems, for instance cashless catering for food and drinks at work, school or college.

Naturally, you can combine these uses in a single contactless card, as well as adding ID card printing and personalisation, and even integrate it with your loyalty card programme. All fully branded, of course, plus with the option to have all encoding, stock control, fulfilment and mail-out taken care of on your behalf.

Quality and durability are all-important with contactless cards, so why not request a sample?

Talk to our team today to get the best possible all round solution for your cashless and access control cards.

Looking for a key fob card too? Our durable key fob cards can be personalised with names, numbers, barcodes and QR codes and complement your existing card or offer a smaller, convenient alternative.

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