Plastic Card Personalisation

Any card you choose can be personalised to your exact specification. Just what you need for loyalty cards, membership cards, ID cards and payment cards.

Using your data, we can print or emboss numbers, names and other text and print photographs anywhere, on either side of the card, for instant visual differentiation, and insert bar codes, QR codes, magnetic stripes, signature strips and RFID encoding.


Embossing punches the digits or text into your card, raising the text above the flat surface. These raised characters – much as you can see on your bank cards – can also be colour-tipped in high-quality, long-lasting foil for extra visual impact.


Indenting, also known as infill, involves stamping the characters and then ‘infilling’ with tape, giving the text an engraved appearance. It’s the effect you’ll see used on bank cards for printing the CVV security numbers on the reverse of the card.

Thermal printing and dye sublimation

We use a combination of thermal printing technology, including dye sublimation, to personalise each plastic card with graphics, photographs, text, QR codes and barcodes. There’s no limit to the colours and typefaces available and you can supply your own custom fonts and graphics or ask our in-house design team to get creative for you.

Digitally printed cards and lamination

For greater durability ideally suited to key fobs and luggage tags, we use digital printing techniques to personalise the pre-printed card. It’s a low-cost alternative to thermal or dye sublimation printing, typically using only black ink. Post-print, the card is then laminated to protect it from scuffs and scrapes.

Magnetic stripe encoding

You can choose between two sorts of magnetic strip, depending on the purpose of your card. High-coercivity (HiCo) magnetic strips are more resistant to magnetic damage and are therefore more secure; Low-coercivity (LoCo) strips offer lower security, but can be made at lower cost. The data they store, readable by dedicated card readers, include card numbers, names, contact details and pass codes. We offer full, high-speed encoding capability as part of the card production process.

Contact smart cards and chip encoding

Your plastic cards are produced with an embedded circuit microchip or microprocessor – either silver- or gold-plated. This requires direct contact with the card reader to transmit the encoded data. That data can include name, card and account numbers, contact details and security features. Encoding is carried out here at our UK premises, with each encoded card automatically read to verify that the data has been encoded correctly.

RFID contactless smart cards

Ideal for access control and cashless vending, RFID cards transfer data via an embedded radio aerial without physical contact with the card reader. Each card can store a large amount of data, securely encrypted in its embedded microchip. All encoding is carried out in a secure environment, with each card’s contents verified for successful transfer.

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