Eco-friendly Plastic Cards

Why eco-friendly cards are the way forward for your gift cards

According to Statista, 86%* of residents in Great Britain are concerned about disposable/non-recyclable products and press coverage of the impact our plastic waste is having on our oceans is continuously being discussed through the media channels. The introduction of our eco-friendly cards in 2020 was driven by our desire to reduce the impact we have on the environment we live in and our client’s demand to look at more sustainable options.

In years gone by, the conversation around eco-friendly card options has been short-lived with quality and the ability to personalise being limited. However, as with most things, advancements in technology have led us to a place where eco-friendly cards are no longer a possibility, they are increasingly becoming the first choice for gift card suppliers.

The shift to gift cards from gift vouchers a number of years ago was seen as a real step-forward in providing customers with something slick, tangible and also something they could retain and keep in their wallets. To some degree, it was felt they need to be ‘all-singing and all-dancing’ with chip encoding and contactless technology but costs proved challenging. Once a card was used, people didn’t retain them and top them up, they were disposed of so the cost versus benefit was challenging.

Today, we are in a position where people still like to receive a gift card – it’s not as impersonal as cash, it’s tangible and usually shows some thought on behalf of the person giving the gift but we don’t need to go to the expense of chip encoding. A magnetic stripe code or barcode work equally as well.

The removal of the need for a chip opens up the option of Board Cards. This eco-friendly gift card option remain sturdy in the hand, can be personalised and they can also be branded with your design, or a custom-design from our team. Made from recycled cardboard, our eco-friendly Board Cards offer a 100% biodegradable and recyclable option!

With society becoming increasingly concerned about the impact they have on the environment, a move towards an eco-friendly gift card doesn’t just make financial sense but also supports your goals to minimise the impact your business has on the world around us.

To receive a free sample of our eco-friendly cards and to find out more about the potential of Board Cards simply email [email protected], call 01442 21 31 51 or visit our contact us page.


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