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Keeping things moving during lockdown.

Can you believe it’s been nine weeks since lockdown began?

When lockdown was announced, we had a business decision to make, close temporarily or see if we could make things work. We decided that, if we could keep our team and clients safe, we would keep going. So that’s what we did. Six weeks later and it’s fair to say we’ve found our groove.

It hasn’t been easy but we have a great team who have pulled together to make this work! Every step of the way we have adhered to government guidelines and our team have taken responsibility for their own well-being with support from myself and fellow Director Paul. This has meant changes, but by keeping everyone in the loop at each stage of the process, the transition hasn’t been as painful as we first feared. Here’s just some of the things we have done:

  • We looked at the work areas. Could our team work at them as is, did it allow for them to be safe and ensure social distancing? Some areas were fine, but we have had to re-jig the layout of other areas. Once this was done, we were all set to go.
  • To ensure cleanliness and an optimum level of sanitation we increased our provision of wipes and hand wash so that there was no need to share and everyone had more than they would need.
  • We also altered working patterns so that people work half days. There’s work for everyone but never more people than is needed to ensure we protect the team’s well-being.
  • And it’s fair to say that Beer Friday helps keeps people’s spirits up!

It wasn’t only us and our team we had to consider. We have our own supply chain and we needed to establish who was working, how they would be working and what changes would need to be made so this is what we did. Having been around a long time we are fortunate to have great relationships with everyone we work with and our suppliers are no exceptions. After a number of conversations, it became clear that the area we would face the biggest challenges in would be mail collection. It’s a person-centric job and with many people being asked to self-isolate or having to stay home to look after children, the number of drivers the mail companies had available would dwindle. With this in mind we spoke to our main suppliers to look at how we could work with them. It was agreed that we would work to earlier collections to help. Our clients may have to wait an additional day for their mailings to go out, but they would go out.

Once we had ensured our team could work and our supply chain was operational, we then had a clear idea of what was possible so took the time to communicate this with our clients and it’s fair to say the response was wonderful. They were all so supportive. The addition of 24 hours to an order, really had minimal or no impact. The key thing is, the mailings would go out. For many clients, it wasn’t just about their card mailings which we complete on a regular basis. With many of their offices closed, and team working from home, they now needed support to produce and post mailings they would usually do in-house, they needed to find someone else to do this and we were set up to be able to help.

It’s fair to say that times have been challenging but we are proof that with team work, communication and a desire to work together, it is possible to continue to support your clients in the current situation. We aren’t sure the next few weeks and months will hold, but we will continue to work safely to support our team and clients.


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