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The Benefits of a Full End-to-End Service

Here at Intercard our top priority is giving you, our clients, the best product and service for you, your company and your customers and often this goes beyond the personalisation of cards.

Yes – personalisation is crucial, more-over, we pride ourselves on this, but it’s also key to get the right information on to the right card, and the card dispatched to the right customer in a timely manner – that’s where a full end-to-end service can help.

Our full service offering includes help and support in designing the right card (see our blog Size Really Does Matter) and personalisation but also the processing of data, fulfilment and mailing. By having all of this in one place you are ensured of our great, consistent quality and service throughout the whole process, managed and monitored by your own Account Manager. Our clients also tell us that by having everything in one place it lightens their workload!

Our dedicated in-house team take pride in ensuring everything they do is to the highest quality and that couldn’t be more so when working with your data. From the moment we start talking ‘data’ we are always considering the most efficient and effective way of data transfer, which maintains the high standards you and us demand, whilst adhering to the latest principle of GDPR. We also work with your team to understand what data has been sent and what and how you would like this to be included in (or on) the card to ensure your needs are met at all times.

Once personalised, we can send cards straight to you for dispatch but our experienced team can also offer a comprehensive fulfilment service. If you are dispatching large quantities, our automated service really does support your need for efficiency and is hugely cost effective. We also use the latest technology to ensure match rate success. If your mailing is complex, we can provide a hand-fulfilment service which can be tailored for your individual needs. In keeping this all in one place, you are ensured of everything being completed in a seamless, timely manner with no time lost dispatching to a secondary venue.

We also work with Royal Mail and a large number of couriers to ensure your cards are delivered to your customers when they are needed.

This end-to-end process is supported not only by your own dedicated Account Manager but also by an efficient stock management system which ensures your cards, letterheads and carriers are available when needed.

To find out more about our services visit our Services Page.

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