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Size Really Does Matter

When you only have a plastic card that’s c 5 x 8.5 cm in dimension you need to use the space wisely and that’s where our team can help. This small piece of plastic can be the most powerful piece of branding your company owns so be smart with this space.

Our experienced team work with numerous companies across various industries to help them design the card that is right for them. We work together to identify what needs to go within the space for both our clients and their customers. It may be nice to have a logo, strapline, a few lines of text, your website, the customer number but can this all fit in such a small space? That’s where we can help!

Once you have shared with the team the information you need, we can look at what’s possible. Can we use mag strips, QR codes or RFID codes to embed some of the information directly on to the plastic card? It may not have to be visible to the eye but will be to the client’s equipment. Is there too much copy or is the copy too small? Once we overlay text to the card template, we can take a look.

Card Personalisation

We would always recommend making your plastic card personalised where the situation allows, even just adding a name helps with this and we can identify the best process for you both as a one-off but also as an on-going process if needs be.

It’s also important to ensure that your card stands-out in your client’s wallet or purse and make it something they are proud to get out and show people. Consider your branding and use of your logo. Ultimately you need to be clear on the card’s purpose and how it will be used. Defining this will ensure your card doesn’t become too busy and is fit for purpose.

Ultimately, the space is small but we can help you use it to maximise your brand, message and purpose. Want to find out more and see some samples of what we can do? Then why not get in touch?


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