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Environmentally Friendly Cards

Here at Intercard we are committed to growing our business in a sustainable way and also to support our clients in their desire to reduce the environmental impact of their business on the world around us.

We are proud to say that we comply with the RoHS and WEEE directive but our commitment doesn’t end there. We take a number of actions to reduce our environmental impact on an on-going basis including the utilisation of recycled materials where practical, recycling of waste, conservation of energy, identifying production efficiencies, local sourcing and utilising less polluting transport where possible. 

Investments in systems that conform to ISO9001 and ISO14001 have also been made, giving our clients the confidence that we are setting standards in the industry for quality and environmental processes.

However, our desire to maximise our sustainable options doesn’t end there. We are increasingly being asked about how we can support clients who want to provide cards to their customers but are keen to minimise the impact on the environment. 

We have worked with our supply chain to be able to offer our clients the choice of three environmentally friendly cards when looking for alternatives to the standard PVC options…

  • Chalk Cards
  • Degrading PVC Cards – previously called Bio-Degradable Cards
  • Recycled PETG Cards 

Chalk cards are the perfect solution for those looking for an environmentally friendly card. The core of the card is made from compressed chalk with a thin PVC laminate meaning that 60% of the card is eco-friendly.

Degrading PVC cards decompose faster than standard PVC cards, they contain a chemical which aids the growth of microbes which then eat the carbon content. They can, therefore, be sent to waste sites where they will degrade naturally at twice the rate of standard plastic cards.

Recycled PETG cards are made from manufactured recycled waste. This recycled material makes up the core of the card, and the overlay is made from virgin PETG. This means that the cards are 60% PVC free.
When you choose a more environmentally friendly card, you don’t need to compromise on your personalisation options. You can continue to support your business and customers with magnetic strips, barcodes, thermal printing to name just a few. You can also be assured that in addition to the card personalisation, fulfilment and mailing can also be offered, as well as data processing if you are looking for a full end to end service.

For more information, email us at [email protected].

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