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Security First: the benefits of ID cards

With more and more people back in the office, we have been talking about the importance of security within a closed environment whether that be a country, a business, an event or even a school.

ID cards support this. They offer great security through immediate recognition of an individual, and can also be used for secure access and even in replacement of cash. And, with today’s technology, these can be combined in to one, highly personalised card.

Let us explain a bit more…

ID cards, by nature, feature a photograph of the individual, whether a tradesman, CEO or Security Guard themselves, on it. Along with making the individual instantly recognisable, the photograph is often accompanied with the individual’s name, job title and sometimes, the division in which they work. These simple tools can ensure that the person entering the vicinity is who they say they are and they are allowed within the area (it can help with those awkward moments when you forget someone’s name too!).

Many of our clients choose to combine their ID cards with RFID technology, meaning the team’s ID card can also be their security card. They have an embedded aerial and microchip or microprocessor and they use RFID (radio frequency identification) to communicate with compatible readers. These cards offer contactless access to business buildings, office floors and events areas or out-of-hours premises like 24-hour gyms, giving an even higher level of security than the visual aid of a photograph. These cards can be as granular as to give access to specific rooms and even equipment so you can restrict access to just those who require it. This is particularly important within certain sectors of government, councils or financial institutions.

These cards may also act as cashless payment systems, for instance offering cashless canteens at work, school or college. The lack, therefore, of cash within a premise can also support a company’s desire to maximise both the security of the business as a whole, and the individual’s safety as well as reduce contact.

It’s fair to say that the benefits of these cards don’t end at security, although security should always come first! They have also been used as timesheets where the swipe in/out times have confirmed workers hours and, they can even integrate with your membership programme if you choose to use these for your loyal customers.

All cards are durable and can be fully branded with the company’s logo, colours, strapline etc. Our in-house design team can work with you to ensure all the small details, from layout and size of photo, are considered and make sure much more detailed work like where to add the signature strip or how to colour code the cards to show if someone should be within a specific area, are carefully thought out.

The multi-faceted uses of ID cards shows what a huge benefit they can be to your organisation, particularly in today’s working world which is more mobile than ever before, with the explosion of co-working spaces, multi-office organisations etc.

Here at Intercard we can take all the stress out of producing ID cards, not only can we help with the design of your card but we can monitor stock and mail out on your behalf. We are committed to finding the right security solutions for you!

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