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Top Tips for your Membership Scheme

A good membership scheme can be great but a bad membership scheme can ruin relationships with your customers. Over the years we have worked with many different schemes and have identified some crucial tips to help make your scheme the best it can be so read on…

  1. Be clear on why you are setting up the scheme

Don’t fall in to the pitfall of setting up a membership scheme because everyone else has. Be clear on why you are setting the scheme up and be focused and specific when it comes to detailing the objectives you want the scheme to achieve. Do you want to increase frequency, spend, referrals…the list is endless so be very specific. You can have multiple objectives but they need to be clear.

  1. Know what information you want to collect from your membership scheme

I know, I have talked about what you may want from your customer before talking about what we are giving the customers but this opportunity to collect information is key and needs to be defined. The more you ask for the more you may need to exchange so define what information you need and what/how it can help your business and the customer experience moving forward. This will also give you the opportunity to run your data collection through the GDPR lens.

  1. Identify what you can give your customers…

…and what they may value. You can devise a great scheme with lots included but if it’s not valued then why would a customer want it and exchange information and/or money for it. This is all about knowing your customer base. What can you provide that is free for you to offer and what will cost you? Don’t steer away from those that cost you, just be sure you have factored this in to the schemes running cost and know how they will help you achieve your objective!

  1. Once defined does your membership scheme make sense

Yes, I know it’s obvious, but sometimes on the way to defining the details people often fail to stop and review before putting in to the market place. This ‘belts and braces’ step will ensure nothing slips through the gap and that the scheme is understandable to your customers (and your staff).

  1. Tell you customers about the scheme

Plan the communication as you would any other marketing campaign and make sure everyone in your organisation knows about it. Ensure the sign up process is straightforward and clear and that the follow up communication is upbeat and positive and re-enforces the decision to join the scheme.

  1. Once you have your members, keep them!

Listen to what your members are saying, monitor how they interact with the scheme and keep and eye on un/subscription rates. By constantly learning and providing something of value you will keep your members engaged and happy.

Don’t forget, one you have launched a membership scheme it is hard to undo so make sure you put the work in upfront and you’ll then reap the rewards.


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